Inner Circle membership and Privileges

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Inner Circle membership and Privileges

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:53 am

As the player joins the game the silver membership is automatically allocated. The other membership levels are Gold and Platinum. In-order to join these memberships of the Inner Circle the player must purchase star points. This is by using the PayPal payment system.

Privileges of the Inner Circle

Silver Members
No Privileges, Only entitled to see his/her own charts and Market Reports

Gold Member
Entitled to see 10 additional Players transaction details and 10 Players Portfolios for an unlimited period. Once 10 players are picked cannot change. This also includes access to all Games Reports and Charts for an unlimited period.

Platinum Membership
Access to everything except the personal contact details of the Players. This include Access to all member profiles, all player transaction details, all player portfolios, all player charts and all game portfolios and charts for unlimited period

Inner Circle is not currently active.


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