Player Excellence Status

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Player Excellence Status

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 27, 2012 2:07 pm

As the player joins the game the player is assigned the “Amateur Status”. And when player progress through the game the excellence status is changed to “Professional” and then to “Expert” status. The status is automatically assigned by the system based on the number of followers each player have.

A player could nominate another player as a follower. Once a player obtain the following number of followers that players excellence stats would automatically upgraded.

1000 followers : Expert
100 followers : Professional
0 followers : Amateur

Once the player reaches a certain excellence level it could never be downgraded, as the followers could not reverse the link.

Once the player excellence level is advanced the player automatically entitles for star points.
Advancement to professional level- we shall allocate 10,000 free star points
Advancement to expert level - we shall allocate 100,000 free star points.


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