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Player Reports

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Portfolio Valuation Report/Inquiry
For each player display (or print) the share valuation of the player as at any defined date. The data columns would be Stock code,Number of share, total cost, market price, market vale and the Gain / Loss.

Transaction History Report/Inquiry – For a given period
Contents would be date, Description- collect or release, Security ID, quantity and value.

Cash Movement report / Inquiry
This is the bank account statement of the player for a given period. It starts from the cash balance on the starting date and list out all the transactions up to last date. At the end of the statement it would separately show the total interest earned or paid for the period.

Profit or Loss report / Inquiry
Profit and loss (Realized Gains) per share of a Player for a given period (Summarized on the basis of shares and not per transaction)

The data columns would be Security Id, total quantity of shares, total purchases value, total sales and realized gains/loss. At the end list the total realized gain/loss for the period.

Portfolio Growth Chart
Portfolio value growth from the date of registration up to the date of the Report X - axis will give the date and Y- axis will indicate the value of the portfolio

Portfolio Performance / comparison Charts (for a given period )
A line chart or a bar chart could be provided here. The x-axis to denote date and y-axis the value.

The lines or Bars to include following.
Line 1 – players total portfolio value.
Line 2 – Top players portfolio value

Portfolio Weight-age/ break down report ( as at a particular day )
Display a pie chart showing the weight-age of each share out of total valuation and also a report form listing the share codes and the corresponding weight-age.


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