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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Colombo Virtual Stock Exchange (VstoX)?
Virtual Stock Exchange (VstoX) is a stock market simulation game for fun and educational purposes. The VstoX provides a platform for players to engage in buying and selling of shares of publicly listed companies listed with the use of virtual cash.

What is the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE)?
The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) is the official organization responsible for the operation of the stock market in Sri Lanka. Virtual Stock Exchange (VStoX) has no connection or affiliation whatsoever with the CSE except that VstoX simulation game uses publicly available stock market data and information released by the CSE.

What is a listed company?
Names of the companies listed in the VstoX. All publicly listed companies may or may not be included in this list.

What is a stock?
A stock is the part ownership of a business. They can be bought and sold based on market prices.

What is virtual trading?
Virtual trading is the practice of trading stocks in a simulated environment where real money is not involved. Any gains or losses made are not reflected with actual currency.

How do I open a virtual trading account?
To open a Virtual Trading Account in the VstoX, you should login to and click Register tab. Provide all required information. Currently all games are offered free and there are no fees payable for registration.

Can I play more than one game?
Each registered player is entitled to play any number of challenges offered by VstoX but entitled only to a single entry to the main game ‘ VstoX – Portfolio Manager’

How much virtual cash I receive when I register?
You would receive virtual cash based on the game you may have selected from the list of challenges offered by VstoX from time to time. You can also purchase virtual cash by redeeming points.
How do I purchase and sell shares, warrants, rights etc?
You can buy and sell shares, warrants, rights etc. by clicking on the stock code of the respective company. You can also subscribe to warrants or rights using the same option.

Can I keep money in the Bank?
Yes, you can keep all your money in the bank. You will continue to earn interest offered by the bank for the period you keep money in the bank. Interest rates will be updated from time to time.

What is the trading hours of the Vstox?
VstoX trading commences at Sri Lanka Time 18.00 hours and close on the following day at 9.00 Hours.

How many transaction I could do for a trading day?
Maximum of 10 transactions allowed per day. You can buy additional transactions using points.

What are the buying and selling prices of shares?
Buying and selling prices of shares would be based on End of the Day (EOD) data provided by the Colombo Stock Exchange.

How do I get points?
You will receive points as awards or if not you could buy points using PayPal.

How do I get information about companies?
You could obtain information about companies by visiting the News section of the game.

How to get Reports about my performance?
There are various reports available in the Report section of the game. Please feel free to select from an array player, game and market reports to compare and contrast your trading strategy with other player.


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