Fundamentals of the Game

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Fundamentals of the Game

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:20 am

VstoX is a virtual share investment simulation and management game and it does not require actual financial investment or formal registration with CSE brokers etc.
The VstoX is a game played by an individual player but the players’ investment performance is measured against all other players.

In order to play this game a player must have a general understanding on the CSE operations, rules and regulations. An understanding on CSE listed companies, their past performance, future plans would help the players to gain an edge over other players.

A Games Administrator (GA) shall administer the game, from time to time GA would announce the winner/s and would be reflected in respective leader board in the game.

A Virtual Cash grant of Rs. 1,000,000/= or any other amount based on the game you play is allocated by the VstoX Bank automatically and immediately when the player register at the game site. This is a free grant to the player therefore this amount need not be settled.

The player could use the above cash grant to Buy (Collect) shares at CSE market prices.

The minimum share quantity that a player could collect is 100 and then multiples of 100.

As the player collects shares the bank balance to be updated. Similarly the player could release shares (in 100's ) from his portfolio and his bank balance would be updated accordingly. In contrast to CSE in this game the player could collect any amount of shares from the market. Release of shares would be limited to the maximum quantity available with the player.

At the end of the trading day, the prices from CSE site needs to be updated to a price file. All transactions are to be valued based on the current price from the price file. If there were no trades for a particular share in a particular day then the collection and release would be based on last price given in the price file.

The Game will calculate the interest on daily basis based on the bank account balance at our VstoX bank and update the bank balance accordingly.

If the player obtains additional loans (beyond the initial grant) loan interest to be calculated and his bank account to updated.

Interest could be positive or negative depending on the VstoX Bank Balance.


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